Upcoming In Store Tastings:

Friday Jan. 25th.  4-7  Galaxy wine (Klinker Brick Cab./Ruby Port/Simonnet Rose Brut)……….Also, Redemption Rye & Hi Rye Whiskies & Josh wine.

Saturday Jan 26th.  1-4  Rutte Spirits……. 4-7  Heavan Hill and Luna Azul

Wednesday Jan. 30th.  4-7  Brian from Drink Think Spirits (It’s always a surprise)

Friday Feb. 1st.  2-5  Rutte Spirits

Saturday Feb. 2nd.  4-7  Abiqua Spirits (Vodka & Gin)……….Also, Willamette Valley Vineyard

Wedensday Feb. 6th. 4-7  Brian from Drink Think Spirits (Your guess is as good as mine)

Thursday Feb. 7th.  3-7  Abiqua Spirits (Vodka & Gin)

Friday Feb. 8th.  3-6  Oregon Spirit Distillers

Saturday Feb. 9th.  4-7  Wild Roots Vodka

Wednesday Feb. 13th  4-7  You Guessed It… Brian from Drink Think Spirits(What will it be this time?)

Friday Feb. 15th  4-7  Trail Distilling (1st City Whiskey)

Saturday Feb. 16th.  4-7  Blackheart

Wednesday Feb. 20th. 4-7 Brian from Drink Think Spirits (Oh Brother)

Friday Feb. 22nd.  4:30-7:30  PNW Vodka

Saturday Feb. 23rd.  3-6  Rutte Spirits

Wednesday Feb. 27th. 4-7  Just come see Brian from Drink Think Spirits already. You may get a corn dog outta the deal if you play your cards right.

Friday March 1st.  3or4-6or7  Proximo Spirits (Pendleton Canadian/Midnight/1910 Rye)

Wednesday March 6th.  4-7  And here we’ve arrived at another Wednesday with Brian from Drink Think Spirits…. Whataya gonna do about it.

Friday March 8th.  3-6  Oregon Spirit Distillers (Bourbon/Gin/Absinthe)

Wednesday March 13th.  3-7  Thought I was gonna say Brian from Drink Think Spirits again didn’t ya. Well, yes I am, but we also have another visitor bringing very tasty treats (Beer & Spirits) from Rogue. You’ll love it.

Friday March 15th.  3-7  Proximo Spirits (Proper 12/Owney’s Rum)